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My Motto for 2018

2018 Motto

With two weeks already down in the new year, I am still feeling super excited and pumped for what is to come! I am determined to make this my best year yet, and I am going to try to make a conscious decision every day to remain positive and speak great things into existence! For the past few years I have decided to adopt a Motto of the Year, instead of a ‘new years resolution’. I have never really set new years resolutions and when I did, they were always very general, basic and not thought out, such as ‘eat better’ or ‘work out more’. Although there is nothing wrong with those two resolutions, I was never really able to stay motivated, nor did I ever feel empowered with that.

The decision to start a Motto of the Year began in 2016, when I decided to shake things up in my very blessed, very ordinary, very safe life. I decided to try something every day that scared me. While that is not a motto per say, it was a new mindset, a new way to approach every day which scared me and excited me. Every day I would try something new, whether it was something small like trying a new food ( I really, really dislike trying new foods), going out in public without makeup (I have ever present skin issues), talking to an intimidating stranger or speaking up in meetings. To larger things such as travelling alone and competing in a fitness bikini competition. 2016 was definitely my most exciting year yet.  My motto for 2017 was Education is Key! I wish I would have thought of something catchier, but that was what I came to mind and I rolled with it. I spent most of my down time last year researching and asking questions. I tried to use my energy towards learning things that might help my business in the future and sometimes I just tried learning new things to be able to hold richer conversations. I feel as though those times of learning and questions instilled something in me, to continue to try to learn even if it’s just for fun!

For this year, I wanted to feel the same excitement that I felt in 2016. This year I want to tap into my creative side, my outgoing side, my adventurous side. I have repressed so many goals and dreams to remain safe and in the end, quite boring. I want to try every dream that has ever come into my mind! Okay, not every single dream, but most of them. I will try them whether I win or lose, and I am okay with finding out that I am not meant for certain things. I will not call those failures, but learning lessons. I am very fortunate to have one of my very best friends along with me in this journey, we have pumped each other up and are very excited to learn, grow, dream and LIVE this year. For that reason, my motto for 2018 is to Go For It! Since December I have been jotting down notes, listing my dreams, writing ideas and preparing for this new little journey. First thing on the list? Starting my blog! I am very excited to have a new creative outlet to express myself.


So I encourage you to do the same, make lists of things you’ve been wanting to do, find a way to achieve them and just Go For It!! No matter how big or small, you will see that you will have a new fire and excitement for life. And always remember, it is never a failure, it is a learning experience and an opportunity to grow!

I would love to hear what your motto for 2018 is! Leave a comment and let me know!

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