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How to Look Your Best in Pictures

natalie calzadi

We all know the feeling, someone whips out their phone and just starts snapping pictures. You don’t even have time to prepare. Even if you did prepare, you would probably hate how the picture turned out anyway! Your friend doesn’t even let you review the picture, they just tuck their phone away and one day you see yourself on social media sporting a less than flattering face.

Does that sound familiar?

If so, fear not! I have some simple tips to help you avoid having that exact moment. Disclaimer, these tips take practice and time in the mirror. You will feel silly and vain, but when you look bomb in your pictures you will thank me.

Why am I qualified to dish out these tips? Because I have the unique quality of looking better in pictures than I do in real life. Its a blessing and a curse. There’s no better feeling than hearing someone say ‘oh, you look…different…now that I see you in person’. *tiny violins* I have been practicing my smile and posing in the mirror since elementary school and finally perfected it in high school. (Remember what I told you about this taking time?)

I have to add that these tips are for pictures that are being taken of you. I will post soon about taking better selfies, so stay tuned!

First things first. Confidence!

You need to have confidence that you are hot, amazing and awesome. A lack of confidence shows immediately in your eyes, and shines through in pictures. Work on realizing that you rule! There is no one else in the world just like you, and that is so cool! Second, try to think of something that will genuinely bring you joy. Think about your precious baby, that awesome burrito from Chipotle you will eat later, or maybe this article about looking bomb in pictures. The goal is to look relaxed, happy and confident in yourself.

Next, the smile.

This is important! You need to find the spot where you have a big happy smile without it being TOO big. I know it sounds hard, but trust me, it isn’t. My natural smile is pretty big, shows a lot of my gums and makes my eyes squint. I one day decided to tweak my smile by showing less teeth and relaxing my face. Now I feel better about smiling in photos. Even if you have a smaller smile or prefer to keep your mouth closed, the same rules apply. You must convey joy through your eyes, keep your face relaxed and stay confident. Practice your smile and find the one that makes you feel the best.

look better in pictures

Now, to hide my double chin.

I like to stick my face forward as far as possible then I bring it back slightly. You do not want to have your head so far away that your body starts leaning forward; you just want to have a little separation from your head, neck and body. Another tip is to hold your tongue to the roof of your mouth behind your teeth when you smile. This contracts your neck muscles ever so slightly and tightens the double chin.

Posing your body.

DO NOT hold two people in front of you to cover half your body because you ‘feel fat’; you are covering that awesome outfit you have on. Remember you have worked on being confident in yourself, no matter what package you are bringing! This is you and you need to work it! Start by staggering your stance. Have one foot slightly in front of the other, pop your back hip out  and square your shoulders to the camera. This will define your waist more than just looking straight at the camera. You can have your hands on your hips, one hand on the hip or hands straight down. Play with it and use whatever works best for your frame. If you keep your hands straight down, make sure your hands are relaxed and opened, not in a tight fist.

look better in pics

*my beautiful model, Amy, showing us how it is done*

I know these seem like too many steps to remember. I suggest taking things one at a time. Work on the confidence. Once you got that down, move on to the eyes, the smile, the stance, etc. One day all these tricks will be second nature and everyone will be admiring your flawless pictures!

I love hearing feedback! Post in the comments if you tried some of these tricks and if they have helped! If you have any other tips, please share them below!

natalie calzadi

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