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My Trip to Seattle

I recently met up with my friend Erika in Seattle. We had talked about a 30th birthday trip for her, and after many choices, we decided on Seattle! I was super excited because I had never been, and really had no idea what to expect. (Except for maybe rain!)

Travelling from San Antonio to Seattle felt like forever in the super budget economy seat I purchased; but once I was there it was so cool and worth it! Seattle is so different from Texas. You can tell that there is a different mentality and they take pride in things I never would have thought of!ย  They make such an effort into helping the environment, which is super cool, but I always got weird looks when I asked for a straw!


If you take nothing from this post, please remember this if you ever travel to Seattle. Erika found us the coolest place to stay. We stayed in a condo, in downtown Seattle with a view of the space needle! I am not exactly sure what part of downtown, all I know is that we were right next to a Whole Foods and that was amazing.

We booked through Domicile, which is like an Airbnb, but it is only located in Seattle and from what I can tell, rents out only luxury condos in great areas of the city. Ours had an urban loft feel to it. I even filmed my own pretend MTV cribs episode!



We decided to be super touristy and see all the famous sights. We bought a Top Sight Seattle 5 pack.ย  The 5 pack included:

Space Needle (express entry)
Chihuly Garden and Glass (express entry)
Seattle Aquarium (express entry)
Argosy Harbor Cruise (one-hour narrated tour)
Seattle Center Monorail (round trip)

The first night we were there, we went to the Space Needle. It was pretty cool to be at such an iconic spot. The sun was already setting and the weather was perfect. It was the best way to start the trip.


The next day we took the Monorail, which is a short trip from downtown to the museum area with awesome views the whole trip, to the Chihuly Garden. All I can say is wow, the Chihuly Garden is so beautiful! It is awesome to see what the artist was able to create with just blown glass.


The next stops were all close together so we did those last. I am not the biggest animal fan so the Aquarium in any city is not may favorite attraction, but it was still cute seeing all the kids excited about the animals. Right after the Aquarium we got in line to go on the Argosy Harbor Cruise. It was so beautiful! I loved seeing the Port of Seattle. If I am in a city with a port, I will go out of my way to check it out, I guess it’s just the import /export nerd in me. It was raining but we got a seat outside on the bottom deck so we were still dry.ย  I was right next to some generator so I was not able to hear any of the tour, but I still got to enjoy the beautiful sights of Seattle.


We also went to Pike Place Market and had some delicious desserts and coffee. Although we didn’t go to the original Starbucks, (we literally did not know that Starbucks originated there) we did try out a local coffee place at the market. Storyville Coffee Company has a very pretty, luxurious, moody location at Pikes Place Market.

Storyville coffee seattle



We decided to venture out at night and try out a couple bars/restaurants. Erika is obsessed with Yelp, so every place we went to was 4 stars and above (if that’s a thing, I don’t really know how they measure it). We went to Knee High Stocking Company to get a drink. The place is tiny, cute and cozy. It’s really cool because you have to ring a doorbell, and then walk through a curtain after they open the door. It felt fun and cool.

Knee High Stocking Co


We ate and got a couple of drinks at The Pine Box. That place was SUPER cool, it’s an old church and they still have the chapel booth seating, a cross and the upper level organ thing. It has a creepy cool vibe, and they have delicious craft beer and food.

the pine box

Overall I had an awesome time in Seattle. The weather was great, except for one very rainy, chilly day, and the people and food were amazing.


Have you been to Seattle? What were your favorite attractions? Let me know in the comments!

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