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February Favorites

February Favorites

WOW! February truly flew by! I couldn’t believe it when I looked at the calendar and saw that today was the last day of the month! While it is to be expected from the shortest month, I always seem to be surprised when it flies by year after year.

I have been pretty excited about this post, as I have been trying things out in order to put together a little all-inclusive list of my favorite things this month.


Bulgarian Rose Water

I had read a while ago that rose-water is a great beauty product. Rose water can:

  • reduce redness
  • tighten pores
  • help fight acne with its antibacterial properties
  • help eczema with its anti inflammatory properties
  • be used for DIY face masks
  • be consumed

This sounded like an all around amazing product so I decided to try it. I bought Alteya Organics Bulgarian Rose water at Whole Foods but have found it cheaper on Amazon, so I will link that below. I have been using it day and night after cleansing as a toner. I honestly feel like it has hydrated my face and helped the redness. I also feel like my acne cratering has slightly gone down. I am loving this product and will totally continue using it.

rose water


Podcast: Arm Chair Expert-Dax Shepard 

I never really thought about Dax Shepard as someone I would like to hear for long periods of time, but after this podcast I totally am! He’s surprisingly insightful and is somehow able to relate to all different types of people. Dax has a little bit of that comedian self-deprecating aspect to him and sometimes talks over his guests, but there is something kind of endearing about him. His guests are his celebrity friends and they just chat about their lives and careers. The podcasts are about two hours long, with an intro and ends with his producer ‘Fact Checking’ some of the mistakes he makes throughout the interviews. I have really enjoyed listening to these chats and can’t wait for more.


arm chair expert


Balance Ball chair

I bought my Gaiam balance ball chair about a year ago, and took forever setting it up and was scared to use it. I decided to stop being a baby and finally tried it out. I have been using it at work all month-long. I still am not able to sit on it all 8 hours of my work day, as it really does not allow for slouching nor the relaxing of your back and core (I guess that is the point!). I suggest starting with 15 minute intervals throughout your work day and going up from there. I will continue working on it and my goal is to have at least 5 full hours on it daily! Fingers crossed I do not forget about my goal the rest of the year! 😉

balance ball chair


Republic of Tea Japanese Matcha

Okay, so I know I am incredibly late to the Matcha train, but I just could not get over the color and the fact that everything labeled as Matcha looked powdery and thick. I am super picky about tastes and food in general so I am pretty proud of myself for trying a new tea out!  I honestly do not know why I decided to try this Republic of Tea Japanese Matcha Super Green Tea, but I am glad I did. I have not stopped drinking it all month and I have got to say, the flavor is so light and delicious! Oh and I also feel so cool and modern when I drink it.

matcha tea


Cauliflower and Beet crust

Recently, I was having a conversation with a few of my besties and we shared a meme about cauliflower becoming your substitute for food, friends and joy. We shared a laugh about it and then my beautiful friend Sarah informed us that Whole Foods has pre made cauliflower AND beet pizza crusts!? Oh dear, I was so happy. And even happier that we planned a friend date around these new pizza crusts. I will be honest, I did take the first bite thinking it would taste exactly like delicious regular bread pizza, so that was surprising. Once the initial shock went away, I really got a good taste and I was very pleased to say that yes I did enjoy the substitute pizza crusts. I suggest setting your oven to broil and letting the pizza pies get a little toasty for the full, delicious flavor.


cauliflower crust pizza

I could not find a link to the Whole Foods pizza crusts, but they are in the freezer isle!


What have been your faves this month? Let me know in the comments


*This post contains some affiliate links. I fully love all the products*

natalie calzadi


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