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Small Sunglasses Trend

small sunglasses trend

Normal size sunglasses as we know them, are dead. We’ve all seen the small sunnies trend and  we may want to pretend like it’s not happening. But they are here and now we can either ignore them or embrace them. Obviously this trend is not the most practical, and I will be hanging on to my big shades in case I really need to hide my tired eyes one day. But I am determined to enjoy this trend, even if it is for just a couple of outfits. The more I see the It-girls wearing them, the more I am ready to rock this!

I am obviously partial to trends, I look at the bright side and get excited at literally every new trendy thing. I know that this trend seems unconventional, and unnecessary. I’ve spoken to several friends about this and it’s not a popular style, but I think we can have fun with this! I just want you to remember, trends don’t last, they are meant to bring out your creative side through your outfits. So instead of thinking negatively, lets just have fun while things are in!


small sunglassesMarc Piasecki/GCI Images, Instagram-KendallJenner, Pap Gossip/AKM-GSI



If you are ready to try to take it back to the 90’s and embrace this trend, but don’t know which ones to get, read on for my small sunglasses suggestions.


Cat Eye Queen

Small cat eye sunglasses are a cute and easy transition for anyone looking to try the trend out. These glasses still look 90’s chic, even if they aren’t super tiny. Rock these the next time you go out to brunch. Although this style would look great on anyone, I would suggest it best for anyone with a more narrow face.

small sunglasses trend



small sunglasses trend


Colorful Cutie

Colorful, small sunnies are the ultimate throwback. They are totally giving me life with their Mary-Kate and Ashley vibes. Whether your lenses are a bright color or a more muted color, these will totally take you back to the day, when you were more open to funky, cool fashions.  Wear these on a casual shopping day, or to an outdoor music show. These are universally flattering.

small sunglasses trend



small sunglasses trend



Classic Oval

These glasses are the every day, every night staple to the small glasses trend. They look great on both men and women and have a certain rock star feel to them. Wear these out with your leather and denim outfit, and get ready for the compliments to roll in.


small sunglasses trend



small glasses trend



Still feeling skeptical and think you cannot pull this trend off? If you feel drawn to the cute, throwback small sunglasses, I say get them! Forget every little thought in your mind about what you look like, and remember how cool you felt in the 90’s when you rocked these. Trends are meant to be fun and short-lived, so if you want to try it out, I definitely suggest it!

Do you think you will be trying this out? Which style is your fave?

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